Vintage Tribal Moroccan Rugs For Sale

These vintage tribal rugs come from Morocco, where they were hand-knotted by the Berber people in the High Atlas mountains. They are genuine vintage Beni Ourain rugs, 100% pure hand-spun wool in a medium pile, in an off white/cream shade, traditionally decorated with a charcoal and black geometric design.

Genuine Beni Ourain rugs always have a unique and individual pattern and also varying colour in the rug due to the different shades of sheep's wool used in its construction. 

These wonderfully soft rugs have become well known worldwide for the use of the very characteristic so called Berber knot on two or three warp threads. Each one is a unique and individual work of art and expression, in a natural colour palette which works well in many interior schemes. 

There are a lot of new versions on the market, and I question their quality but I bought these from the souk in Marrakesh, and they are authentic vintage rugs.

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